There are five laboratories in the living thing industrial engineering. It has aimed to investigate all processes from the production of food to use from a technological side chiefly, and to aim at the construction of continuation and agriculture the production use system that comprises the environment, man, and the society. It a new technology develops and the attaching education and the research on the use of a processing storing method of the food production means, farm products, and food and organic wastes and the processing methods are done for that as the analysis in respects of an environment, energy, a human labor, safe food, continued food supply, and the matter cycle, etc.

Laboratories The main research content
Vehicle Robotics Laboratory Vehicle RoboticsThe solution of various problems related to the farmland environment and the production of food is aimed at centering on vehicle (Vehicle). Space satellite (Satellite Vehicle) etc. that move flight body (Aerial Vehicle) and space where vehicle (Ground Vehicle) and in the air where the ground is moved are moved are included in Vehicle. The food production system that uses these Vehicles in the profit and evolved continuing and highly is researched and educated. 。
The main topics of research
  • Agricultural vehicle robotics
  • Communication system of agricultural robot
  • Advanced use of unmanned helicopter
  • Utility of Biomass energy
Agricultural Processess Laboratory Agricultural ProcessessThe research education of a quality evaluation method and various food processing processes of farm products, making, the processing, storing, the transportation technology, farm products with new food, and food is done in the post harvest process from farm products after it harvests to the food of the table.
The main topics of research
  • 収穫以後における穀物の品質保持と品質向上
  • 近赤外分光法による農産物や食品の品質評価
  • 低温高湿度条件による青果物の品質保持
  • 通電加熱による食品の加工と殺菌
Crop Production Systems Engineering Laboratory Crop Production Systems EngineeringThe theory of the research, development, systematization, the automation of the structural function of the labour for farming machine used in the place of the living thing production, and the field, crops, and the labor related to it is investigated.
The main topics of research
  • 局所栽培管理技術の実用化に関する研究
  • 画像処理による作物と雑草の識別に関する研究
  • 農作業の作業負担に関する研究
Agricultural Circulation Engineering Laboratory Agricultural Circulation EngineeringFamiliar environmental problems are educated from the earth scale about the circulation of an organic quality, the use of natural energy, and the physical load to the soil in relation to the sustainable agriculture that consists of the soil, crops, the domestic animal, and the machine.
The main topics of research
  • 畜産廃棄物を利用した浄化槽用シーディング材の開発
  • 土機械作業による締固めが作物に及ぼす影響
  • アルカリ土壌改良システムの開発
Applied Bioproduction Engineering Laboratory It has aimed to consider the agricultural production system like various sensing systems that apply an electronic technology in the farm production and the processing, the developments of the processing technology, the living body information detection when producing working, and the operating analysis, etc. by a bioinstrumentation technological technique.
The main topics of research
  • Sensor for living thing production information detection and research on system development
  • Research on bioinstrumentation engineering intended for production operation and resource management